Helping couples navigate through their lives


Couple Consultants online ensures convenience and confidentiality

Couple Consultants is an online coaching service that counsels couples with relationship problems. Couple Consultants is administered by the Donofrios, a seasoned couple with 25 years of experience in the field of relationship issues.
Webcam sessions enable couples to benefit from problem repairs in the comfort and privacy of their own homes and settings, ensuring convenience and security.
Couple consultants are experts at identifying and repairing the negative patterns that can lead to unresolved conflicts within relationships. They have developed a unique system of the “Marital Checkup” to literally take the temperature and check the health of your relationship. Unresolved and negative patterns can fester creating permanent damage for a couple. Couple Consultants services prevent this damage and improve the health of the relationship, improving the quality of life for each partner as well. Couple Consultants writes a prescription for the health of your relationship.

Restore You Relationship

Our services provides the tools with which to restore your relationship. We help to repair damaging patterns that are eroding the relationship from within. Couple Consultants takes an active approach in helping to repair the relationship issues. The consultants utilize techniques to actually model better approaches the partners can take with each other. Focus is maintained on dealing with important issues in the present. Goals such as greater emotional and sexual intimacy are solidly possible, increasing satisfaction for each partner.

Couple Consultants is goal based and solution oriented.

Manage External Stressors and Illness

We focus on how to manage the external stressors that exist in daily life.
Coping with illness finance work issues children and extended family can be overwhelming, we educate and guide couples through these and other issues thus freeing the relationship from negative impact.

Take your ‘Relationship Tempature’

Couple Consultants has designed and created a relationship check up which is similar to your annual medical check up.
We “take the temperature” of your relationship ensuring that small and underlying problems are detected and resolved before they become damaging to the health of the relationship

Retirement Transition

Couple Consultants specializes in the online coaching of couples who are facing retirement together. As with all transitions ,retirement is a process of adjustment for the individual. However the retirement greatly impacts upon the couples' life as a whole. Increasing time spent together shifts emotional and sexual intimacy. Additionally there may be adjustments in health, family, and finances. Couple Consultants helps couples with any and all of these transitions.